5 Tips for Medical Practice Risk Management


It is exciting for physicians to grow their medical practices, but with expansion comes added responsibility. When you are growing your practice, it is important that you follow proper risk management procedures to keep you safe from the threat of a lawsuit. To that end, here are five tips for medical practice risk management that you can put to good use when you are growing your practice.

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Stop Losing Your Best Employees


There is nothing worse than investing in your people only to have them float away to different opportunities. All that time, money and potential is now helping someone else succeed. Worse, you need to develop top talent if you have any shot at being and staying competitive. It’s a conundrum that every business will face sooner or later—how much can you invest in your people before they price themselves outside your ability to retain them. Continue reading

Harnessing the Power of Online Reviews


Most people wouldn’t go see a movie or visit a new restaurant without reading a few online reviews first, just to have a better idea of what they’re about to experience. Why should a medical practice be any different? Retaining existing patients and encouraging patient growth should be a goal for any practice, and reviews can be a very helpful tool for achieving it.

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Protecting Your Feet for the Long Run

Foot damage can be acute or chronic. Injuries are acute and dealt with immediately because of pain and the altering of mobility. This would include injuries such as a sprained ankle, a laceration or even a broken bone in the foot. However, chronic foot damage worsens over time and could lead to significant disability later in life. Taking a proactive stance toward foot health today can prevent disability in the future.

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The Importance Of A Good Bedside Manner

Bedside of a hospital bed with a laid down patient in the background

How often do you wonder about how your patients would rate your bedside manner? It is important to look at ways you can improve this vital part of your practice. Yes, your patients will have a better experience with you and will likely respond to treatment faster if your bedside manner is good, or better yet, great. Beyond that, your practice can thrive as you increase these skills.

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