About Eric Vainer

eric vainer

Eric Vainer is a health care professional and licensed pedorthist with over 20 years of experience in the non-profit healthcare field. He is a prominent figure in local philanthropic circles and a leading proponent of several causes. He is a tireless advocate for the rights of the disabled and a staunch proponent of safe and affordable treatment.

Mr. Vainer is currently the Chairman of Dear Feet, a leading non-profit provider of diabetic foot care for lower income and uninsured patients in New York City. He is a major contributor to Goodwill Industries, a top advocacy group for the needs of the disabled. He also serves on the board of Community Medical Disorder PC, a local outreach organization dedicated to the treatment of multiple sclerosis and mental illness. As a director of Pala Community Care, Mr. Vanier helped establish a rapid deployment emergency transport service for mobility-impaired patients suffering from acute distress.

As Pala’s government liaison, he instituted a credentialing and compliance program for federal and state agencies while assembling a team of accomplished medical professionals. He is a licensed pedorthist and received his degree from Staten Island University. Mr. Vainer has dedicated his career to the empowerment of individuals with disabilities. He has played a pivotal role in eliminating physical and societal barriers to full employment and discriminatory hiring practices. He has pioneered innovative educational programs designed to foster self-sufficiency and independence for the disabled and infirm through an innovative approach using cross-cultural and multilingual counseling, clinical training and supervision, and educational consultation.

Mr. Vanier’s outreach clinics serve as an exemplary model for community healthcare efforts. An ardent traveler, Mr. Vainer embraces a cosmopolitan outlook and a willingness to consider different perspectives. He is an avid adapter of new business paradigms and applies them to address local needs. He is a frequent visitor to Russia, Monaco, and Italy and is a skilled chef in a variety of continental and South American cuisines. An avid tennis and basketball player, Mr. Vainer brings his competitive spirit to fund raising efforts and charitable causes. Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Mr. Vanier has combined his humanitarian objectives with a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit to become a champion of patient advocacy and a leading provider of affordable and preventative healthcare


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